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Presenter is the best free online presentation solution.

There is a better way!

With Prowise Presenter, working with a interactive touchscreen is child’s play. The built-in tools and thousands of free lessons make working with a digital screen easier, more innovative and more fun.
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Prowise ProConnect

ProConnect is the perfect solution for interacting with the digital screen. At home, at school, on a digital blackboard, laptop or tablet; ProConnect works anytime and everywhere where there is an Internet connection.

There is no longer a need for expensive hardware or complex software, and no need to worry about the budget: Using ProConnect is entirely free!
Children using Prowise tablets to play SpaceRace.

Interactive tools

Looking for the right tools to spice up your lessons? Presenter offers a very comprehensive range of professional instructional tools. Combine tools to translate your knowledge into an exciting and effective lesson.
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Accessible everywhere

Prowise Presenter is screen-independent cloud software that you can access from anywhere on any type of laptop, tablet, PC or digital screen, at home or at work.
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Children using Prowise tablets on the sofa.